Sung 'Khor-Tibetan Amulets

A short video featuring Sajan Lama making traditional Tibetan amulets by Marcel Baaijens.

TRT: 2:45'

Jewelry of Impermanence

This jewelry is handmade and based on traditional "Sung 'Khor" or paper amulets from Tibet. Tibetan Monks make these amulets for the faithful who require protection for safe travel or from disease. They consist of a mandala with prayers on paper and may contain protective herbs. The paper is folded inward making images and texts invisible. The amulets are blessed.

The contemporary versions I make are created along similar principles. The concept is that the amulets contain:
mandala's on paper or special paper
contains a prayer, Tibetan, Christian, an affirmation or loving messages.
they are energised using 'Quantum Touch' breathing techniques

Contemporary Amulet 1
by Marcel Baaijens
Printed rice paper from Nepal with poly cotton thread
30mm square

I conduct workshops in which participants can make their own,
draw their own mandala's (geometrical or symbolic representations of the universe)
write their own prayers, affirmations or similar
include and herbs or essential oils
wrap their amulet
and energise their amulet using quatum breathing techniques

This amulet is my private one
60mm square
It took 3 hours to make.

The amulets are worn on the body near the heart, it's energy brushing off on the wearer. Is this effective? After attending a presentation by Mr. Emoto from Japan I am convinced it is. Mr. Emoto who featured in the documentary "What The Bleeb" has done interesting experiments with water, photographed water crystals exposed to both loving and hateful words. The photo's say it all. We humans are between 70%-90% made of water. Have a look at this link:

Contemporary Amulet 2
by Marcel Baaijens
Printed Nepalese rice paper with poly cotton threads
30mm square

The jewelry is made om temporary materials that will disintegrate after some time encouraging the wearer not to get attached to their precious jewel and let go of whatever it is the maker wished for. This ties in to the Buddhist concept of non-attachment as a way to achieve happiness.

Om Mani Padme Om,
by Marcel Baaijens
containing print with hundreds of Om Mani Padme Om's in Tibetan script.
32mm square

Jewelry of an impermanent nature challenges the notion that jewelry is very precious and should be treasured. This jewelry will guaranteed fall apart at some stage, unless you lock it away in a safe, but then you will not reap the benefits it has to offer.

Orininal amulet by Lama Sajan,
not for sale
approx. 15 mm square

Original amulet from Ladakh, India
This one has fallen apart with time.
60mm square, prints of this mandala (below) are reused for some of the contemporary mandala's

For orders or further information contact Marcel: marcel[dot]baaijens[at]gmail[dot]com

Workshop: november 14, 2009 in Wellington

With Marcel Baaijens

Saturday November 14
Community Centre Karori, Wellington (just behind the library)
7 Beauchamp St.

Plenty of parking, even right in front of the centre.
(access from Beauchamp St, you can see and walk to the centre from the
main road between the petrol station and the library)
Min. number of participants 8, max. 12


In this one day workshop you will create your personal mandala
(a visual representation of the universe, your universe or uiverse to
be) on paper.
You can write and incorporate an optional mantra,
personal prayers, thoughts, messages, affirmations, wishes.

This work on paper will be used to create a Tibetan Sung ‘Khor or
amulet. The paper will be folded and wrapped with poly-cotton in a
decorative pattern. This can then be worn around the neck. Make one or
more. Although the focus will be on creating a contemporary version
you can also choose to make a traditional Tibetan one. The required
imagery will be provided.

When all amulets are made we will energise and empower the amulets
using Quantum Touch (TM) techniques.
Marcel will play appropriate spiritual background music from many
parts of the world, including Tibetan.

To see a 3 minute documentary by Marcel
Baaijens in which a Tibetan monk is making a basic Sung ‘Khor and
samples of amulets he has made
please visit:

Fee: $65 pp, early bird $60 (if booked and paid in full by 1 Nov 09),
10% discount for multiple bookings
Payments ban be made by cheque or cash or direct credit (please ask
for banking details).

Bookings can be made by email.
Bookings are only confirmed once payment has been received.
Refunds only given if there are more than 8 participants. (bookings
are transferable)

BYO lunch or have lunch in the fabulous Arobake Cafe (1 min walk)
All day teas included in price.

All materials will be provided
Copier/printer onsite

Optional bring:
-Any photos (or photocopies), patterns, texts you may want to incorporate
-any spools of poly-cotton threads (colours of your
choice, only need a few meters per colour) so we can share

For more information please email marcel[dot]baaijens[at]gmail[dot]com